Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 3 - post meeting

Focus paper: An Entity-Level Approach to Information Extraction
Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein, ACL 2010

Some of the topics covered in the meeting were
* Comparison of the task of the focus paper with more recent tasks (such as read the web)
* Evaluation venues (MUC, DUC, TAC etc.). One of the current tasks in TAC is the Knowledge Base Population task (
Another task which is somewhat related is the entity track in TREC (, such as entity list completion).
* The difference between the focus paper and their NAACL paper. Overall, people agreed that it was very similar (but with some changes, such as different task, partially supervised etc.) but that it was ok because they had clearly stated it in the focus paper.
* The way they did the inference (variational EM, etc.).
* Real world applications and relevance of these template-filling tasks for companies

This time there was a lot of overlap between the choice of related papers.
The papers read by people tackling the IE task could be divided in two approaches: the more heuristic, and task based approach often using classifiers etc (Patwardhan and Riloff 2009, Shasha Liao and Ralph Grishman 2010) and approaches where a formal model is defined (focus paper).

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