Saturday, April 30, 2011

Post meeting - Dhananjay - 7 April

We discussed on phasal alignement for machine translation. The discussion was informative in two subjects. In the focus paper, the search space is reduced to searching in inverse transduction grammars. We had an introduction on what ITG is. The second was using MIRA to classify. MIRA is used as an incremental learning algorithm where each class is represented with a vector. The instance is classified in the class whose vector is most similar. If the the instance is incorrectly classified, then all the interesting vectors (the actual class and the vectors which are more similar than the actual class vector) are changed to align the instance towards the correct class. I was earlier apprehensive that the order of training instances may affect the class vectors. However, since the training instances are iterated multiple times and randomly, there is very less chance of happening so.

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