Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Premeeting - Dhananjay

Related paper - Poetry Generation in COLIBRI

The paper discusses about using a case based reasoning approach to poetry generation. Initially, the paper gives an overview of the system - COLIBRI and the ontology - CBROnto. It frames the task in such way - (1) Take an existing poem, (2) Adapt it to the current scenario by replacing words. The problem is divided in three parts - (1) Retrieval, (2) Adaptation and (3) Revision. Retrieval consists of extracting cases of the poem based on its structure. It then constructs a query as a sequence of words that the poem would be based upon. It selects the cases with the largest number of POS tags in common with the query. In adaptation phase, it substitutes words from the query with the new words. The revision phase evaluates and repairs the proposed solution. Features such as rhyme, meter are considered in this phase. For me, poetry generation is a misnomer for the process. This work probably lays down certain ideas of template based poetry generation.

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