Friday, March 4, 2011

Post meeting commentary

Dong Nguyen
Focus paper: Tense Sense Disambiguation: a New Syntactic Polysemy Task. Roi Reichart and Ari Rappoport. EMNLP 2010

Because the focus paper proposes a new task, it was less clear what work was going to be relevant. People read papers about a diverse set of topics, including WSD, Machine Learning and linguistics. Overall people seem to like a paper a lot, the most doubts people had was on the way the authors had sampled the data.

I think the work was interesting and I'm curious to see what other approaches people are going to take working on this problem. For my research, we have been looking at posts from users over time on a forum. We were interested in looking at the development of users over time. However, including all the text of users together gave very noisy results, because it was including a lot of text where users were talking about past experiences (for example often when they were talking in present form when they were telling a story). It was very difficult to seperate the current state of users with past/future. A good way to disambiguate tense could definitely help.

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