Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Meeting - Dhananjay

The meeting revolved mostly around evaluation of Topic Models. For most of the time, we discussed the role focus paper played (or the objective of the focus paper). The method of using the first few lines as the summary of the topic was challenged. It was concluded that the reader should have access to the complete article, should it be wanted.

The behavior of the evaluation for models that generate n-grams was put forward.. It is interesting, how the word intrusion task would perform in such cases, for example, a topic that rates high on a bigram like New York, but rates low for York.

The final point of discussion was what role Topic models play. They are not useful as a pre-processing or a decision making criterion for any other tasks. However, it was accepted that with the advent of topic models, the research in generative graphical models matured

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