Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reading for 3/31/11: Ramage et al., ICWSM 2010

Author:  Daniel Ramage, Susan Dumais, Dan Liebling
Venue:  ICWSM 2010
Leader:  Daniel Mills
Request:  When you post to the blog, please include:
  1. Your name 
  2. Which focus paper this post relates to
  3. Whether this is the pre-meeting review or the post-meeting summary
  • Leave a comment on this post (non-anonymously) giving the details of the related paper you will read (include a URL), by Monday, March 28.
  • Post your commentary (a paragraph) as a new blog post, by Wednesday, March 30.


  1. I will read:

    Ramage, D., Hall, D., Nallapati, R., & Manning, C. D. (2009). Labeled LDA: A supervised topic model for credit attribution in multi-label corpora. EMNLP 2009

  2. I am planning to read:

    Labeled LDA: A supervised topic model for credit attribution in multi-labeled corpora

    Daniel Ramage et al. EMNLP 2009

  3. I will read:

    Unsupervised Modeling of Twitter Conversations

    Alan Ritter, Colin Cherry, Bill Dolan, NAACL 2010


  4. I'll be reading

    Ritter, A., Cherry, C., & Dolan, B. (2010). Unsupervised Modeling of Twitter Conversations. NAACL 2010.

  5. I will read

    Honeycutt, C. and Herring, S. 2009. Beyond Microblogging: Conversation and Collaboration via Twitter.


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