Friday, March 4, 2011

Reading for 3/17/11: Grimmer and King, PNAS 2011

Note:  no meeting during spring break (3/10).

Author:  Justin Grimmer and Gary King
Venue:  EMNLP 2010
Leader:  none - attend the Machine Learning/Google Distinguished Lecture by Gary King instead.  GHC 6115, 4:30pm (during class)
Request:  When you post to the blog, please include:
  1. Your name 
  2. Which focus paper this post relates to
  3. Whether this is the pre-meeting review or the post-meeting summary
  • Leave a comment on this post (non-anonymously) giving the details of the related paper you will read (include a URL), by Monday, March 14.
  • Post your commentary (a paragraph) as a new blog post, by Wednesday, March 16.


  1. I will read:

    A Method of Automated Nonparametric Content Analysis for Social Science
    Daniel J. Hopkins, Gary King
    American Journal of Political Science, 2010

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  3. Name: Alan

    I will read:

    Combining multiple weak clusterings
    Topchy A, Jain AK, Punch W (2003)
    Proceedings IEEE Intl. Conf. on Data Mining 2003, Melbourne, Fl.

  4. I will read

    Comparing clusterings: An information based distance.
    Meila M (2007)
    J Multivariate Anal 98:873–895.


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