Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reading for 3/24/11: Chang et al., NIPS 2009

Author:  Jonathan Chang, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Sean Gerrish, Chong Wang, and David Blei
Venue:  NIPS 2009
Leader:  Weisi Duan
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  1. just a note all, i got their data from Jonathan Chang a while ago if you want to look at it. i think they might have a download link up somewhere though.

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  3. I'll read Automatic Evaluation of Topic Coherence, Newman et al., NAACl 2010

  4. I will read:

    A topic model for word sense disambiguation

    Boyd-Graber, J. and Blei, D. and Zhu, X.

    Proceedings of the 2007 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning, EMNLP-CoNLL, 2007

  5. I will read:

    Polylingual Topic Models

    Mimno et al., EMNLP 2009


  6. In line with my massive skepticism of this work, I will try to learn more about the word similarity and word association literature in psychology. I think this will help clarify what the heck people were actually doing when doing the Chang et al task.

    I will read this introduction for a dataset of "word association norms" that builds off of classic works in the 1960's. I'm too lazy to go to the library for the classic work, so I'll read this instead. If I get time I'll get the older book.

    Nelson, D. L., McEvoy, C. L., & Schreiber, T. A. (1998). The University of South Florida word association, rhyme, and word fragment norms.

  7. I will read:

    Wallach, H. M., I. Murray, R. Salakhutdinov, et al. Evaluation methods for topic models. In ICML. 2009.


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